We must provide the service and product that will ensure that the customer will come back and/or refer us to other potential customers. Every employee must understand how to create and maintain satisfied customers.


The people of The Meyer Companies are our most important asset. We must respect each person in each organization and understand the needs and rights of that individual.


The Meyer Companies will provide its people with a work environment that encourages managed risk-taking and its accompanying rewards.

Working Environment

We must provide a safe and work-conducive environment to attract and retain quality individuals. This will add to productivity and the quality of life for employees of The Meyer Companies.

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Strong profitability is essential to ensure the continued operation and growth of The Meyer Companies. Strong profitability allows for decision making otherwise unavailable to a financially weak organization.


The reputation of The Meyer Companies and their employees as individuals are the very core of our existence and must remain so to insure the survival of each entity.

Education & Training

The ongoing training and education of each person is critical to the improvement and progress of the company as a whole.


We are each responsible for the duties assigned us and for our actions in carrying out those responsibilities.